2023 BOBCAT T66 For Sale in Ventura, California (2023)

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UNIT ON ORDER2022 BOBCAT COMPACT TRACK LOADER —T66NEW UNIT, READY TO BE ORDERED FROM THE FACTORY! PRICING REFLECTS PREMIER PACKAGE OPTIONSNo matter how extreme your working conditions, the vertical-lift-path Bobcat® T66 compact track loader pushes through to do more in all kinds of applications and keeps working where other equipment can’t. Also referred to as a skid-steer with tracks, the T66 includes a redesigned Bobcat inline engine and direct-drive system, lift arms with cast-steel construction and improved cooling performance. This 74-hp loader offers a Rated Operating Capacity of 2450 lbs, and delivers powerful hydraulics and breakout forces, fast cycle times and increased lifting capabilities. Its roomier cab design offers a sealed and pressurized environment complete with available heated air-ride seat, clear-side enclosure, automatic heat and air conditioning, and an innovative display with machine information and performance data. Combine that with a superior 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage for an unmatched operator experience to elevate productivity during long working hours.PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Unmatched power to help you push through your toughest jobs. Benefit from industry-leading breakout force, rated operating capacities, faster cycle times and quicker turns.•5-LINK TORSION SUSPENSION UNDERCARRIAGE: Experience elevated levels of performance and comfort with the optional torsion suspension undercarriage. As the industry's most advanced system, it offers unprecedented levels of durability, reduced maintenance requirements and faster track cleanout. It also reduces noise and vibration while you're working, a difference you'll feel through the entire machine so you can stay in the cab longer and get more work done. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.•POWERFUL HYDRAULICS: When it comes to performance, Bobcat® loaders are in a class by themselves. Each component – including the engine, pumps and hydraulic system – is engineered to deliver maximum hydraulic performance so you can work quicker, lift more and outperform your competition.-How It Works (Imagery): Bobcat® loaders are engineered to produce consistent hydraulic horsepower when performing multiple functions. For example, when you dig into a pile, you're usually pushing, lifting and tilting all at the same time. Bobcat loaders intelligently deliver the right amount of power to each component.•INCREASED LIFTING CAPABILITIES: The cast-steel lift arm sections of the R-Series loaders are stronger to ensure optimal performance. Combined with the optimized lift-arm linkage, you can handle more challenging jobs with greater confidence and ease.•STANDARD CONTROLS: With Bobcat Standard Controls, available on select models, a lever controls the drive on each side independently, while your feet control the lift arms and bucket. The farther you stroke the lever, the faster you go. The shorter the stroke, the more torque is delivered to the wheels or tracks – allowing maximum power for pushing into a pile. This tried-and-true system is still a popular style of control.•SELECTABLE JOYSTICK CONTROL: Bobcat Selectable Joystick Control, or SJC, is becoming the most popular control choice among operators. No other joystick in the industry comes close to delivering the level of customization and control. With SJC, you control your loader and attachments easily and comfortably. They're loaded with many Bobcat-exclusive features.•AUTOMATIC RIDE CONTROL: Automatic ride control reduces material spillage, allowing you to travel at faster speeds across rough terrain. Thanks to its dampening effect, the option also increases operator comfort by offering a smoother ride.•TWO-SPEED TRAVEL: The Two-Speed travel option boosts your top travel speed. Reduce your travel time across jobsites, limit the need to load and unload your machine on a trailer, and shorten your long-haul tasks.•REMOTE CONTROL: All loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) can be operated by a remote control system, so you can operate the machine without having to have an operator in the cab. The remote control is completely portable. If you have multiple machines, you can quickly remove the remote from one machine and attach it to another in minutes.•STANDARD DISPLAY: An easy-to-read display panel provides full-featured machine interaction and monitoring capabilities from inside the cab. Run your equipment more efficiently and solve more problems in the field with the innovative IQ display, which supports multiple languages.•TOUCH DISPLAY: With the most advanced in-cab display for compact equipment, you’ll experience detailed machine information and unprecedented device connectivity. The optional Touch Display features a 800x480-pixel display resolution. Operators can easily view and toggle through machine performance and information on the wide, easy-to-use touchscreen that supports seven languages. Plus, it’s waterproof and hardened to reduce scratching.•REDISIGNED BOBCAT ENGINE: R-Series loaders feature a Bobcat® engine. An efficient design provides the performance you need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. Thanks to an innovative new fuel system, low fuel levels are more forgiving for busy operators. The engine also improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.•DUAL-DIRECTION BUCKET POSITIONING: Dual-direction bucket positioning, offered on R-Series loaders, keeps the load at a consistent angle throughout the lift cycle – both up and down – to reduce spilling which increases efficiency and improves ease of operation.•BOBCAT MAXCONTROL REMOTE OPERATION: Now you can control your Bobcat® loader using an app on your iOS smartphone. This system functions as an extra set of hands when help is limited, allowing quick two-person jobs to be handled by a single operator. It also enables operators to avoid repeated trips in and out of the cab.UPTIME PROTECTION FEATURES: With features and systems that aren’t offered by others, Bobcat loaders are ready to work.•PROTECTED COMPONENTS: R-Series loaders won't let you down. Critical components are protected from jobsite hazards, vibrations and tough conditions to keep your machine in operation and you on the job.•IMPROVED ENGINE UPTIME: The redesigned Bobcat® engine on R-Series loaders offers a variety of fuel features, including an efficient fuel tank vent filter, fuel filter pressure sensor, improved fuel recirculation value and more to improve performance and uptime to keep you running strong all day long.•SIMPLE MACHINE TIE-DOWNS: Quickly secure your skid-steer loader or compact track loader without searching for hard-to-reach tie-downs. The tie-downs are easy to locate and use.•CAST-STEEL LIFT ARMS: R-Series loaders not only look tougher – they are tougher. Bobcat® lift arms feature cast-steel construction for increased material strength and rigidity. Cast-steel allows more material where it's needed, which provides greater strength while enabling a slimmer profile arm that also enhances visibility.•IMPROVED COOLING: As operators trust compact equipment to run longer and do bigger, more difficult jobs, better cooling is essential. The R-Series cooling system is completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime.•NON-DPF ENGINE: The biggest advantage of our Tier 4 solution is simplicity. Bobcat engines meet Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This reduces downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs. That allows operators to focus on working.COMFORT FEATURES: Climb into the large, comfortable cab and gain unbeatable visibility.•PREMIUM COMFORT: Bobcat® loaders are designed with operators in mind. Comfort features include a roomy cab, a heated air-ride seat, automatic heat and air conditioning, ergonomic controls, innovative displays and options to keep you productive on long, challenging days. When you step in the cab of a Bobcat® loader, you’ll immediately notice the attention given to operator comfort. Premium features are included everywhere you look. Cab pressurization, sound dampening, ample headroom and legroom, and an adjustable suspension seat are just the beginning.•SOUND DAMPENING FEATURES: If you work on a busy jobsite, you know that noise can be a daily frustration. Bobcat® loaders include many sound dampening features that keep your cab quieter.-How It Works: Larger front and rear cab isolators suppress machine sound and vibration. Rubber isolators, which sit between the cab and the loader frame provide ample surface area to dampen machine noise and vibrations. The cab door seal has been redesigned to be tighter, blocking more jobsite noise. For you, that means a quieter and more comfortable work environment.•CLEAR VISIBILITY: R-Series loaders maximize open viewing areas by minimizing and removing surfaces and structures that intrude on your sightlines. Thanks to innovative engineering, robust materials and cutting-edge manufacturing, you get the best view on the jobsite. Bobcat® loader cabs are designed for all-around visibility. As you grade next to a building or load the machine on a trailer, you’ll gain better sight lines for easier operation. View the bucket corners from your seat and easily see the cutting edge. Your tracks or tires are visible without raising the loader arms. A large top window gives you visibility while dumping material into a high-sided truck.•OPERATOR-FRIENDLY CONTROLS: Time-tested controls on Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders make it easier to work longer and perform precise work. The engine speed control is conveniently located in front of you. Fingertip controls simplify the operation of soil conditioners, sweepers, tillers, buckets, grapples and other attachments. Foot pedals can be adjusted to your preferences.•MAXIMUM HEADROOM AND LEGROOM: Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders are engineered with large swing-open doors, and a lowered door threshold, which provide ample headroom for exit and entry. Inside, even tall operators will be comfortable with plenty of headroom. Additionally, the swing-open door doesn't take up cab space and can be removed without tools.•HYDRAULICALLY CUSHIONED CYLINDERS: If you work on a busy jobsite, you know that noise can be a daily frustration. Smooth, quick Bobcat® lift cylinders are automatically cushioned at the fully lowered position. The tilt cylinders are also cushioned at the full dump and rollback positions. This reduces noise and increases comfort during operation.•CLEAR-SIDE ENCLOSURE: Maneuver more confidently. Enhance your productivity. Easily see to the sides of your machine. R-Series loaders offer an optional enclosure that maximizes visibility by reducing steel mesh screens from the side windows. The mesh-free windows are made from 3/8-inch thick polycarbonate with an abrasion-resistant coating to allow the optimal view you demand with the durability you expect.•ONE-PIECE PRESSURIZED CAB: A one-piece, sealed and pressurized cab on R-Series loaders provides a near-seamless interior for a new level of operator comfort. The cab design along with improved seals help reduce noise and vibration for enhanced sound isolation. There are no maintenance items under the rear hood for improved access to hose and electronic connections and major components. Most service items can be accessed without raising the lift arm.•HEATED AIR-RIDE SEAT: Loader seats are upholstered in comfortable, breathable cloth and equipped with operator-controlled heat for warmth in cold weather. This optional seat provides peak operator comfort with air suspension that adjusts to your weight, smoothing out bumps on the jobsite for an industry-leading operator experience.SERVICEABILITY FEATURES: Reduce your operating costs through preventative maintenance that gets completed quickly•HYDRAULIC OIL SITE GAUGE: Check your hydraulic oil level quickly and easily as you walk by your machine. Keep an eye on hydraulic oil levels and simplify your daily checks.•IMPROVED ENGINE SERVICEABILITY: When your engine maintenance is easy to do, your engine maintenance actually gets done. With the redesigned Bobcat® engine, checkpoints are within easy reach. Time is money, and preventive maintenance is quick and simple with R-Series loaders.•PROTECTED BATTERY/REMOTE JUMPSTART: On R-Series loaders, the battery is located under the cab – separated from the engine compartment. Just lift the one-piece cab away for easy access. It's a convenient service location that protects the condition of your battery and provides more room for component access in the engine compartment. A remote terminal, located in the engine compartment, makes it easy to charge the battery or jumpstart the loader if needed.•TIP-UP CAB: When it's time for maintenance or repairs, simply lift the entire R-Series cab out of the way using the hardware on the exterior of the cab.•GREASE POINT ACCESS: Maintenance is easier and faster with easy-to-access grease zerk locations on critical pivot points. Avoid laying on the ground or standing on tracks to grease the pins.ATTACHMENT FEATURES: Form a versatile team with your Bobcat® skid-steer loader and the most attachment options.•ATTACHMENT VERSATILITY: Our attachments truly help you do more than dig. Bobcat offers attachment versatility across carriers combined with unbeatable attachment support from the Bobcat dealer network. Quick couplers deliver clean, rapid attachment changes every time, and the attachment control kit simplifies operation. High-flow hydraulics provide a big power boost on selected attachments.•BOB-TACH® MOUNTING SYSTEM: Change attachments quickly and easily using the time-tested, standard Bob-Tach® mounting system included with every loader or upgrade to the optional Power Bob-Tach system for swapping non-hydraulic attachments without leaving your seat.•ATTACHMENT CONTROL KIT: Several attachments require control of more than one function, and our small, seven-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip control functions while eliminating the need for the mechanical relays used on other loaders. Controls are fully integrated with your Bobcat® loader for a clean look and protected routing.Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options. Certain specification(s) are based on engineering calculations and are not actual measurements. Specification(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specification(s) for your individual equipment will vary based on normal variations in design, manufacturing, operating conditions, and other factors.


Fuel Capacity

28 gal

Category Specific

Operating Capacity

2,450 lb

Operating Weight

8,927 lb

Hydraulic High Flow


Auxiliary Hydraulics




Quick Attach


Tipping Load

7,000 lb

Ground Pressure

5.9 psi

Operator Type


Lift Type


Self Leveling


Standard Hydraulic Flow

17.1 gpm




Exterior Lighting





A/C Condition




Operator Controls


Keyless Start


Seat Material


Premium Display Panel





Travel Speed

7.2 mph

Travel Speed - 2-Speed Option

10.2 mph

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